The main menu can be opened by clicking on the Screenshots menu icon button. The main menu consists of the following elements which are further elaborated below:

V2 menu uk

The first step in the setup of the BEEP app is to create one or more apiaries; the place where your beehive(s) stand. Click on 'Apiaries'. You can now enter the basic data of your apiary such as the name, location and the number of beehives. If you fill in the full address, the other address and location data is automatically filled in at the right place, such as the GPS location coordinates and street name. The field that has to be filled in at minimum to create the apiary is the name of the apiary. Minimum required fields are marked with a *.

V2 newapiary uk

Under the section 'Location' you will find 'Hive settings'. Here you can enter how the hives are built up. On this screen you can choose a configuration. After you have saved this, you can always come back to make changes.

V2 hives uk