There are two overviews of your hives available via the menu Screenshots menu icon . Both overviews contain the beehive configuration and color, hive name, the queen mark color if she is marked and a smiley icon of the overall impression as stored in the most recent inspection. In addition, the reminder text and date of the most recent inspection is shown if filled in. There are also icons available for opening the inspection overview Inspection overview icon and opening a new inspection checklist Customize case details icon . By clicking on the picture of the beehive, you go to the screen where you can edit the details for that beehive.

Click on 'Apiaries' in the left menu Screenshots menu icon to see the beehives sorted by bee's stand. Click on the name of the apiary to fold it in or out. The order of beehives is determined by the date of creation. The hives are automatically sorted in alphabetical order. Overview of hives on the mobile phone:

V2 hive overview uk

The same overview of hives on desktop or laptop looks like this:

V2 hives overview desktop uk

For an overview of all beehives of all apiaries, click on 'Hives' in the menu. The hives are automatically sorted in alphabetical order. However, it is also possible to filter and sort through these buttons: V2 sort icons uk. The options are: by name, status total impression (smiley), exclamation mark (extra attention required is checked), calendar (reminder entered for that hive), location (sorting per apiary). If you press the button once again, the sort order is reversed.