At the bottom of your inspection you can enter a reminder text and date. You can use this for example to plan when you need to check queen cells. The text of this reminder will be visible on the overview of beehives. In addition, it is possible to add the reminder to your digital agenda. You do this by entering both the reminder text and the date. After saving the inspection you have an option on the overview of inspection data called 'Set in your calendar' (see image above). If you click on it, you get these digital calendar options: iCalendar, Google calendar, Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar and Microsoft Calendar. Choose the calendar you use and follow the steps to put the reminder in your calendar. If you use this button on a desktop or laptop computer, it may be that a file is being downloaded, then you can open it to put the appointment in your calendar. The reminder is put in your diary as a new appointment, after which you can adjust the exact time yourself.