Below you can see a screen print of a chart showing the weight of the hive in June 2018. In the morning, bees flew out (weight loss) and shortly thereafter the weight increased again (nectar, water, pollen and bees returning), then a second dip at the end of the day the weight is about the original weight. If the weather is good, but this pattern is different, then something may be wrong. In addition to weight, there are many sensors that can give a distant picture of the health and development of the colony: noise, humidity, temperature, movement, etc. See more information in this presentation. BEEP Foundation is developing an open source, affordable measuring system. Keep an eye on the BEEP Facebook messages and BEEP email updates. If you are already use a digital hive tracking system that has an API (application programming interface) then this data can be read into the app. In that case, contact us.

Sensordata example