Welcome at BEEPThe first step in the setup of the BEEP app is to create one or more apiaries; the place where your beehive(s) stand.

Click on the plus at the top of the screen and click on 'New apiary'.

There is a step-by-step setup to create a new apiary in four steps:

Step 1: Apiary settings

Fill in general information on your apiary.

Step 2: Location details (optional)

You can add the location of your apiary. When you do so, you will receive localised weather data in your BEEP app.

Step 3: Hive configuration

Add information on the hive(s) you have placed in this apiary. 

Step 4: Number of hives

You can add the hive that you entered in step 3 multiple times to make your apiary complete. Afterwards, you can always configure the individual hives.