The BEEP app and BEEP base are tools for the collection of data for your (honeybee) research project. Collect quantitative and qualitative data with the combination of the BEEP hardware and software, design your study with a customised inspection sheet for the manual data collection and invite beekeepers to participate in your research project.   

Beep data classification v2 smallThe BEEP platform is an 'open research' platform, which allows you to obtain high-quality data and monitor bee colonies in a harmonised and standardised way. To allow for this harmonisation in data collection, the BEEP foundation has compiled a standardised data model. It is based on about 30 sources like beekeeping logbooks, apiary management systems, digital record keeping tools, the COLOSS BEEBOOK, the Healthy-B toolbox, FAO's honey bee diseases guide and various websites. More information on the data model can be found here

Work plans, scientific protocols and manuals can be adapted and optimised for your project. Field observations and lab analysis sampling for diseases can be performed, to get a complete picture of the bee health status. The BEEP base, an automatic measurement system, can be used for automatic data collection. Other systems can also be used for that purpose. Since BEEP is an open source platform, you can add your own sensors and/or devices, and link systems through the BEEP API. All collected data can be found and downloaded from the BEEP app, where it is displayed in graphs, lists and available as a raw dataset. 

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