1. Login you TTN console

  2. Go to applications

  3. Click Add application

    1. Name your application 

    2. Select the handler of you application according to you location


  1. Go to the integration tab in the application

  2. Click add integration

  3. Select the HTTP integration

  4. Enter the following details:

Process  ID

your preferred name

Acces key

devices messages






Leave empty

Custom Header Name

leave empty

Custom Header Value

leave empty

  1. Click add integration

Payload formats:

  1. Go to the payload format tab in the application

  2. Go to the BEEP github and download or copy ttn-payload-decoder.js

  3. Copy and paste text out of  ttn-payload-decoder.js in the decoder field

  4. The validator and encoder fields can be left empty. 

Click: Save payload functions