1. Login you TTN console

  2. Go to applications

  3. Click Add application

    1. Name your application 

    2. Select the handler of you application according to you location


  1. Go to the integration tab in the application

  2. Click add integration

  3. Select the HTTP integration

  4. Enter the following details:

Process  ID

your preferred name

Acces key

devices messages






Leave empty

Custom Header Name

leave empty

Custom Header Value

leave empty

  1. Click add integration

If you registered your BEEP base via the BEEP base app, and it is visible in the Devices tab in the BEEP app, the data of your BEEP base will be available as soon as you can see the LoRa connection of the BEEP base in the TTN being connected.

If you do not use a BEEP base, but built your own device, you can check this article to get your device data in the BEEP app.