1. Login your TTN console (https://console.cloud.thethings.network/)

  2. Go to applications

  3. Click Create application

  4. Name your application

  5. Register an end device for each BEEP base that you have

  6. Make sure the settings are as shown in the image below.

  7. Fill in JoinEUI: 70B3D57ED0028D38

8. Generate the DevEUI and AppKey. 

9. Change the End device ID if necessary.

10. Click Register end device.

11. Using the BEEP base app on your phone, configure your device to use the newly generated TTN credentials 

12. Configure a new BEEP base and choose to manual configuration step to install the LoRa network

Note: Application EUI is the JoinEUI in the TTN console.

13. Set credentials and check in the TTN console if there is any communication between the base and TTN.


To send measurement data from TTN to the BEEP platform, create a HTTPS Webhook:

  1. Go to the Integration tab in the side menu and go to Webhooks

  2. Click Add Webhook and select Custom webhook.

  3. Enter the following details:

4. Click Add webhook