The API documentation of the BEEP app is available here.

Authorization header
To be able to do make an API call you must first be authorised as your BEEP user account. You can do so by providing the  HTTP REST Authorization Header with value: Bearer [api_token].

An easy way to find you api token is to look it up in the response of the webapp after logging in at the BEEP app

In most web browsers you can use the development tools -> Network traffic sidebar to find your api_token: In the screenshot below, you'll see a preview of the result of the /authenticate call that contains your api_token.

This is the token that must be provided as a Header: Authorization: Bearer api_token to all API calls marked with Requires authentication.

BEEP Acceptance environment:

NB: The API documentation contains sample requests to the BEEP acceptance environment ( You can use to test API calls in the BEEP acceptance environment. First create a test account for the acceptance environment in the app is placed at Data stored in the acceptance environment is purged every now and then at major version updates.

BEEP sensor data API

The BEEP sensor data API is attached to this article.