The Dragino DLOS8 is a waterproof (outdoor) lorawan gateway. Measurement data from your BEEP bases is transmitted wirelessly to the gateway using the lorawan radio protocol. The gateway receives the measurement data in the form of lorawan radio messages and forwards the data to the BEEP app over the internet.

The DLOS8 gateway therefore requires an internet connection: this can be 1) a SIM card with a mobile data plan (3G or 4G), or 2) a wifi-connection, or 3) an ethernet-cable connection.

The DLOS8 also requires a constant power supply in the form of 1) an electrical outlet (for the included power adapter), or 2) a solar panel combined with an adequate battery (not included with the gateway).

The gateway can provide lorawan coverage up to a distance of a 5 kilometers. However, in an urban area with a high density of buildings, or in a heavily forested area, its range will be significantly shorter. Choose a location that is as close as possible to the apiary with your BEEP bases and, if possible, mount the DLOS8 antenna high up in an unobstructed place such as on a roof or on a mast, using the included clamps and bracket.


Before placing the gateway, you will need to change its default settings:

1) If you will be using a SIM card for the internet connection, you need a SIM card that has a mobile data plan of at least 2GB per year. To insert the SIM card into the gateway, open the enclosure by removing the 4 screws underneath the bottom lid, and slide the circuit board outwards. Open the SIM card holder, insert the SIM card, and lock the holder after closing it. Finally, slide the circuit board back into the enclosure and put the 4 screws back in.

2) Place the antenna, and connect it to the gateway with the antenna cable. If possible, attach the antenna and gateway to a pole using the included bracket and clamps:

                                                                         (image source)

3) Once the gateway and antenna are in position, plug in the power adapter, and after a minute a new wifi network with the name "dragino-xxxxx" will be active near the gateway . This wifi network is used only for the configuration of the gateway settings. Connect to this wifi network using the passphrase "dragino+dragino". 

Once you are connected, open a web browser and go to the address

4a) Log in with username "root" and password "dragino". After logging in, you can change the gateway settings. Start in the menu "Lorawan -> Lorawan". Here you find the "Gateway ID", a unique identifier for your gateway. 

Copy this ID or write it down as you will need it in a later step!

Then select "The Things Network V3" in the drop-down menu "Service Provider", and click "Save & Apply".

5a) Will you use a SIM card to connect the gateway to the internet? Then click the menu "Network -> Cellular". Enter the APN of your SIM card here. You can find the APN on the SIM card itself, on the website of your SIM card provider, or on If required by your SIM card provider, enter the pincode, SIM account name and password. These can be also be found on the SIM card itself or on the SIM card provider's website.

Check if your SIM card is correctly configured in the menu "Network -> Network Status". Here you should see a cellular IP-address listed. If not, please make sure you obtain the correct APN, pincode and account info from your SIM card provider.

5b) Will you use wifi to connect your gateway to the internet? Click on the menu "Network -> Wifi" and click "Enable WiFi WAN Client" and use the drop-down menu "Wifi Survey" to select the wifi network for the gateway to connect to the internet, and enter the passphrase for this network.

5c) Will you use an ethernet cable to connect your gateway to the internet? Simply plug the cable into the gateway and make sure that your ethernet router allows DHCP. If you wish to use a static address instead of DHCP, you can do so in the menu "Network -> Network -> WAN Settings".

Activation (with The Things Network)

To forward the BEEP base data onto the internet, the gateway will use The Things Network (TTN). Activate your gateway on TTN by the following process:

6) Disconnect from the "dragino-xxxxx" wifi network and reconnect to the internet. 

     Go to and register an account.

7) Log in, and click the "Gateways" button.

8) Click "Add gateway".

Enter the Gateway ID (from step 4) at "Gateway ID" and also enter it at "Gateway EUI".

Scroll down, and in the drop-down menu "Frequency Plan" choose "Europe 863-870MHz SF9 for RX2 (Recommended)". Click "Create gateway" at the bottom of the page.

9) Restart your gateway by powering it off and on with the power adapter. After a minute, look at the Gateway Overview page on and your newly added gateway should show the status "Connected" next to a blue circle icon. This means you are ready to place the gateway and to start using your BEEP bases!Is the icon in the Gateway Overview still red and is gateway "Disconnected"? Then double-check the installation and activation steps above, or contact us through our helpdesk or by email (