In the BEEP app, you can make use of checklists to collect data on your bees. The checklist consists of items on bee health, based on data categories. For more information, visit the BEEP website.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your page, the menu will appear. Click on 'checklist templates' to make a new checklist or duplicate an existing checklist.

You can duplicate existing checklists or design your own checklist. It is possible to save multiple checklist, e.g. for different seasons, hives or apiaries, depending on your specific needs. You can check/uncheck the boxes and design one or multiple checklists for data collection. Name the checklists and save them.

Click here to go directly to the checklist in the BEEP app.

When you do an inspection, you can select the checklist that you would like to use.