The Compare Hives option can help you to find out how the weight of your hive is developing compared to your other hives in the area. Also, the net weight which is shown in the graphs is the weight of your hive without any sudden weight changes induced by inspections, e.g. added supers. You need special rights for your account. This feature is available on request ( until released more widely.


Compare hives

In the data view, where you also find the measurements, you choose your hive of interest.

Under your hive’s measurements charts, you have the option to select other hives for a comparison. You can select hives from the same apiary, other apiaries or collaboration groups.

Explanation on charts

After you selected the hives, you will see two charts:

  • The left chart is showing the raw weight of your colony and the average weight of all hives you selected. 
  • The right chart is showing the net weight of your hive of interest and the average net weight of all hives you selected for the comparison.

The net weight is the weight of your hive without any sudden weight changes induced by inspections, e.g. added supers. Our algorithm works as follows: We specifically look at all inspections you added for your hive. We look at the interval 2 hours before the time you specified and 2 hours after the time you specified, because we understand that some inspections take some time and you might not always be able to specify the exact time. Within this interval, we remove all changes in the weight data that are larger than 0.75 kg per 15 minutes.
The data you see in the graph will be in the same resolution as you are used to it from the measurement graphs: 1 day, if you look at the whole year; 3 hours, if you look at a month; 1 hour, if you look at a week; 10 minutes, if you look at a day; 1 minute, if you look at a hour. The data just before and after the inspection will be in a resolution of 15 minutes.

If the colonies you chose to compare with is including your colony of interest, its weight data is included in the average calculation. 

You can also choose to view the Standard Deviation of the Average.

Under the graphs you can compare the overall loss/ intake for your selected period:

Known issues
Our algorithm does not deal with missing data in the same way, as missing data is handled and showed in the raw weight plots: