In the Netherlands there is a wide coverage of the TTN network of gateways. You can visit to check if your bees are located in an area with LoRa coverage. Zoom in on the location of your apiary and the closest gateway. Click on the gateway icon and choose ‘radar’. It shows you a map with historical connections. If there is no coverage from the closest gateway, you can try the ones in the cities nearby. Cities usually put their gateways at high points which makes for a trustworthy signal. The red colours in the map stand for the stronger signals. Is there no connection and you do not want to install a gateway, then you can still read out the measurements through Bluetooth. In this case, you do have to go to your BEEP base to get the data.

If you have a question regarding the coverage of LoRa, please contact us.

When there is no coverage you can:

  1. Install a gateway yourself.

  2. Ask your municipality about LoRa and a gateway in your town. Since it is a public good they might be willing to invest in a gateway, the BEEP base could be a good incentive to do so.