The BEEP base connects automatically to LoRa after you configured the BEEP base once. The BEEP base app for configuration is available for Android and iOS. You can check the connection with LoRa in the configuration app, go to 'LoRa' in the menu of the app.

The BEEP bases are configured to connect to the closest LoRa gateway and will start sending information immediately. Since the BEEP base is set-up to send information in intervals, it can take up to 15 minutes (or more, depending on the interval of your choice) to receive data in the BEEP app.

It might be that there is no LoRa gateway in the area. This can be solved by adding your own LoRa point, see 'Which LoRa gateways are suitable for the BEEP base?' or by ordering a commercial LoRa subscription. We only offer LoRa subscriptions for the Netherlands at the moment, for more information read 'KPN LoRa Netherlands'. 

If your apiary has coverage from the Helium LoRa-network, you can choose to connect your BEEP base(s) to this network for a small fee (approximately 4 USD per year). Coverage can be assessed on