Resolved! The issue is resolved in v1.0.5 of the BEEP base app. Download the latest version in the Play Store.

The following issue is reported to the BEEP team:

When opening the BEEP base app v1.0.4, after login, the BEEP base is not visible on the screen. See an example screenshot below. 

Even after activation of the BEEP base e.g. with the magnet*. The BEEP base may be connected to Bluetooth on the phone successfully (see Bluetooth settings), still the base is not seen on the screen and no further actions are possible. This issue is reported on phones running Android version 10 which are recently updated (e.g. December 2020 or later). Types of phones it was reported on is only Samsung so far. 

or by holding the base vertically and horizontally again or by re-installation of the batteries