Calibrate your BEEP base at the apiary. Bring the following items: 

BEEP base, completely assembled in the box

  • Remove the plastic circuit breaker in the PCB box on the BEEP base so the batteries can make connection.

Weight (and person scale for unknown weight) for calibration

  • You will need a fixed calibration weight, the larger the weight, the more accurate the calibration. It is recommended to use at least 20 kilograms. Ideally you use for example Apifonda packs (solid bee sugar) in boxes of 12,5 kilograms. Check the weight using a person scale. Alternatively, use a large bucket filled with water or your own body weight.
  • To stand stable on the BEEP base you will need to place a strong (wooden) board of ± 50cmx50cm on top of the BEEP base before you stand on it. 

Mobile phone / tablet with the BEEP base app

  • Open the app and follow the steps. The app connects to BEEP bases via your phone’s Bluetooth, so make sure the Bluetooth function is turned on.

Follow the calibration process in the BEEP base app for iOS

Login with your BEEP account and connect to the BEEP base

Your login details are the same as your account (the credentials you created at for your apiary). 

Make sure the BEEP base you want to activate is placed horizontally, the circuit breaker is removed and that batteries are inserted so it turns on. Wake up the BEEP base by holding the button for three seconds. You will hear three beeps that ascend in tone, then four beeps. Connect the BEEP base and the app via Bluetooth. The PIN is 123456. You will hear 'beep-beep' when connected.

In the first screen you see an overview of your BEEP bases. You have several options on this page:

  • For account settings, click on 'settings' in the top right corner. You can also sign out of the app in case you need to register BEEP bases for other accounts as well.
  • To configure a new BEEP base, click on 'Configure a new BEEP base'
  • To go to the settings of a BEEP base, click on the BEEP base in the list


Configure a new BEEP base 

Assemble: When at your apiary, assemble the BEEP base by following the steps in the app. Click 'Next' when finished.

Wake up: Wake up the BEEP base by holding the button pressed for three seconds. You will hear three beeps that ascend in tone, then four beeps. Click 'Next' when finished.


Connect: Connect to the BEEP base you want to calibrate, the name of the BEEP base will turn orange and the BEEP base wil make a sound, click on 'Next'

Note: if you have multiple BEEP bases make sure that you selected the correct BEEP base corresponding with the hive that you are going to place it under


Register:  Register your BEEP base to your BEEP app account. This will also secure the BEEP base. As long as you do not delete it from your BEEP app the BEEP base cannot be registered to another account. 

Note: the name in the first registration screen corresponds with the LoRa code for the BEEP base. If you want to connect the BEEP base to your own LoRa device it can be helpful to keep the suggested name, or at least the four digits at the end

Calibrate: This is where you calibrate the BEEP base and configure the settings for the sensors. To do so, click on each sensor to get to the setting screen.

Temperature: If you have multiple temperature sensors you can name them and specify whether the sensor is placed in- or outside the hive. Click 'Finish' to return to the 'Calibrate' menu. When you have multiple temperature sensors, you can hold one in your hand to know which one is which. You can also change the name of the temperature sensor too, for example 'brood box' to indicate the location in the hive. For more information on where to put the temperature sensor(s), click here.

Weight: In order to setup the weight sensor you need to determine the tare weight, or zero value, of the BEEP base. Make sure that nothing is placed on the base and press 'Tare'. Step on your person scale to find out your weight in kilograms. Step on the BEEP base scale and enter your weight in the app and press the calibrate button. You can also use another known weight.


You have now calibrated the BEEP base scale. If you want to do it again you will get a notice that the scale is already calibrated. Click 'I'm sure' if you want to continue the calibration.  

Audio: The audio settings are default, so you do not have to adjust them. 

LoRa: In the calibrate menu, click 'Next' to go to the LoRa settings. 

To configure your LoRa you can click on 'Automatic configuration'. 

  • If you have a LoRa connection, you will see 'Successfully connected' in the screen. Click 'Next'. 
  • If you do not have a LoRa connection, you are not in reach of the TTN network. You can choose to purchase a LoRa gateway and install it or to do measurements with the BEEP base and upload the data at a later point in time. Click 'Try again' or 'Skip'. 

Note: if you do not have LoRa, you can still use the BEEP base to do measurements. The BEEP base will save those on the PCB and you will be able to extract the data (feature in progress).  


Energy: you can choose how often you want the BEEP base to take measurements. You can see the estimated battery life per measurement interval.

Note: choose the interval in which you want to receive to measurements, also if you do not have LoRa coverage. 

Congratulations: you have successfully configured your BEEP base!

Main menu: In the main menu you can find the settings of your BEEP base(s). Click on the BEEP base in the first screen, then click on 'Connect to device' and you will get the device details listed. 

All settings have been configured except for 'Tilt'. In this setting you can enable or disable the tilt sensor. If the tilt sensor is disabled, the BEEP base will not turn off when tilted. In the BEEP base v3.3, the tilt sensor is standardly disabled.

Next step

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