We are still working on the Android app and firmware updates are soon to be done directly from the BEEP app. For now, we need to use an external application to do the update:

  1. Close the BEEP base app
  2. Download the latest firmware on your smartphone here (version 1.5.3, do not unzip it)
  3. Download NRF Connect
  4. Open NRF Connect
  5. Connect to the BEEP base you want to update
  6. Click on "DFU"
  7. Select Distribution Packet (ZIP) and click OK.
  8. Select the package you just downloaded (Beepbase_app.zip)
  9. When you did select the image it will upload automatically. 
  10. Click on the BEEP base name to so the progress
  11. When the firmware update is done the BEEP base will beep 4 time and it's ready use again.