• Check the orientation of your BEEP base, it could be more stable to turn it 90 degrees around. For most hives, the best way to position the base is with the PCB box to the side.
  • If your hive is too big for the BEEP base, it can help to add a board in the size of the hive and secure it to the BEEP base using screws in the holes of the legs of the BEEP base. 
  • Attach the BEEP base to the surface with the clamps.
  • Use a strap and/or the frame brackets to attach the BEEP base to the hive.
  • Tighten the the leg bolts and the weight sensor with an Allen wrench.

If you have found other ways to secure your BEEP base and hive, we would like to hear it from you to share them with other customers.