It is possible to switch the tilt sensor on or off. If you switch the tilt sensor off, the BEEP base can not be switched off by putting it vertical anymore. In the 2020 version of the BEEP base the tilt sensor is switched off in the factory settings.

  1. Update your BEEP base to the latest firmware here
  2. Open the BEEP base app
  3. Activate you BEEP base with a magnet so it beeps four times
  4. Select the BEEP base  
  5. Click on the name of  BEEP base
  6. Click on Advanced option
  7. Enter one of the two following codes:
    1. 9301 to disable the tilt sensor
    2. 9300 to enable the tilt sensor
    3. Click on Send
  8. Now the tilt sensor will be switched on or off.