Your BEEP base works on two AAA batteries. As shown in the table below, the life span of the batteries depends on the interval setting. In the standard firmware setting with an interval of 15 minutes, the expected working time of the batteries is 1.61 years.

Did you batteries stop working sooner than you expected? Please answer the questions/follow the steps below and send us the information.

  1. How long have your batteries been used?
  2. What is your interval setting?
  3. How do you know the batteries are empty? 
  4. Can you add a screenshot of the graph from the battery?
  5. What is the voltage of the batteries you took out of the BEEP base?
  6. If you have more than one BEEP base, does the problem occur in all bases?
  7. Put in new batteries, 1.5V Energizer L92 Lithium AAA batteries with 750mAh capacity, and add the date on which you changed the batteries.