Calibrate your BEEP base at the apiary. Bring the following items: 

BEEP base, completely assembled in the box 

  • Remove the plastic circuit breaker in the PCB box on the BEEP base so the batteries can make connection.

Weight (and person scale for unknown weight) for calibration

  • You will need a fixed calibration weight, the larger the weight, the more accurate the calibration. It is recommended to use at least 20 kilograms. Ideally you use for example Apifonda packs (solid bee sugar) in boxes of 12,5 kilograms. Check the weight using a person scale. Alternatively, use a large bucket filled with water or your own body weight.
  • To stand stable on the BEEP base you will need to place a strong (wooden) board of ± 50cmx50cm on top of the BEEP base before you stand on it. 

Mobile phone / tablet with the BEEP base app

  • Open the app and follow the steps. The app connects to BEEP bases via your phone’s Bluetooth, so make sure the Bluetooth function is turned on.

Follow the calibration process in the BEEP base app for Android

1. Login with your BEEP account and connect to the BEEP base
Your login details are the same as your account (the credentials you created at for your apiary).

Make sure the BEEP base you want to activate is placed horizontally, the circuit breaker is removed and that batteries are inserted so it turns on. Wake up the BEEP base by holding the button for three seconds. You will hear three beeps that ascend in tone, then four beeps. 

Connect the BEEP base through Bluetooth. The pincode is 123456. You will hear ‘beep-beep’, you are connected.


2. Weight calibration

  • You see the general menu in which you have multiple functions. Click on the scale to start the weight calibration.

  • Click ‘Calibrate’ to start the calibration process (note: the weight can fluctuate, this does not matter).

  • Do not put anything on the BEEP base and hold ‘Confirm’ to set the weight to 0 kg.

  • Place the set weight on the BEEP base. Enter the amount of the weight in kg and press ‘confirm’ to calibrate the BEEP base.

  • Are you unable to enter a value in the "Weight in kg" field? Then enable the "Floating Keyboard" option in your phone's keyboard settings. To do this, press on the icon as shown in the image below:


  • The weight shown in the overview should now be the same as your set weight.



3. Temperature sensor settings

Click on the temperature sensor icon to change the settings. Name your temperature sensors (e.g. in which box they are located when you have multiple) and turn the slider ‘on’ when the sensor is placed inside the hive. For more information on the placement of the temperature sensor, click here.


4. Microphone settings

Click on the MIC icon to select your microphone input. Select your microphone (standard delivery with BEEP base is the IN3L microphone). For more information on the placement of the microphone, click here.


5. LoRa connection

Click on the name of the BEEP base to see if it is connected with LoRa under 'LoRa Status'. Click here for more information on LoRa coverage at your apiary and what you can do to get coverage.


Next step

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