When you do your first hive inspection of the year it is important to replace the batteries, read the memory and perform a fresh weight calibration. This ensures that the BEEP base is ready for another year of measurements! Note, that for step 1, 4 and 5, the base needs to be taken from under a hive.

Step 1: Replace the batteries

Replace the old batteries with Energizer Lithium batteries which you can order online. This is to ensure that the BEEP base can measure and send for at least another year. After this step, use the BEEP base app to connect to the base via bluetooth. This is an important step as this will ensure that the clock on the BEEP base will be synchronised. More information on battery replacement can be found here.

Step 2: Firmware update 

The software on the BEEP base which performs the measurements and data transmission is called the firmware. This is a good moment to update the firmware to the latest version. Step-by-step guides for firmware update for the Android and iOS app are available in our helpdesk.

Step 3: Read the flashlog

Measurement data is sent to the BEEP server but it may be that not all data points are well received. This is normal for wireless connectivity. Therefore measurement data is also stored in a memory on the BEEP base, which is called the flash log. With the BEEP base app, you can connect to the BEEP base, read the flash log and the app will automatically send it to the server. Also, the memory will be emptied so that there is enough space for at least another year of measurements. To read the flash, connect to the base using the BEEP base app and select ‘Download’. 

Step 4: Do a fresh weight calibration

This step is important to ensure the measurements are as precise as possible. You find the instruction for the weight calibration in this support article. 

Step 5: Tighten the bolts

The final preparation for the new season is the tightening of the bolts which fix the legs of the BEEP base. These are either wing or imbus bolts.