A new functionality in the BEEP app is 'research'. With this feature, researchers can collect data through the BEEP app. Each research project can create and share its own checklist(s) using the standardised inspection sheet items. These research specific checklists will appear in the BEEP app of the participants after they have given consent to share data and contribute to the research.


How does it work

When you are a participant in a research project, go to ‘research’ in the menu and look for your research project. To participate in a research, you have to give consent to share your data. You will find the related checklist(s) in your ‘Add inspection’ screen. Fill in the checklist(s) to collect data for the project. The researcher may share protocols directly with you to describe more specifically how data should be collected and entered if needed. 

The research specific checklists cannot be edited by participants of the research. You can however use your own user-specific checklist and edit it for your own data collection. All entered inspections are visible in the overview of inspections. 

Research in BEEP in summary

The BEEP platform provides a basis to set up a research project. Available elements from BEEP are:

  • Standardized data input through the BEEP app

  • Automatic bee colony data collection through the BEEP base

  • Data storage and access

  • Technical support

  • Project advice


The research function enables the researcher to:

  • Add a research to the BEEP app

  • Enable BEEP users to share their data for the benefit of the research

  • Design one or more checklists for the research and share them with BEEP users associated with the study

  • Access to inspection data and measurement data through download or API with the consent of BEEP users (in development)


Would you like to add your project to BEEP? Please contact us to talk about the options.