Ensure that your hive is stable and secure. The BEEP base comes with rubber feet and two types of clams to secure the base. 

Buffer feet against shifting  

The buffer feet prevent shifting. You can to place the buffer feet on the top four corners of the BEEP base and place the hive against it as in the picture. You can also put the hive on top of the buffer feet in which case they prevent slipping. 


See beside how the BEEP bases can be placed under a hive. In case your beehives are bigger, you turn the BEEP base 90 degrees and put the hive on top. You can also attach a wooden board to the top part of the BEEP base in case of a larger hive. The dimensions of the BEEP base are 480x390x68mm, on which most hives will fit. In BEEP base v3.2, the part of the steel legs that go inside the yellow body are 12mm longer, so you can extend the base with 24mm. So, the maximum size of the base is 504x390mm.

If you place the BEEP base upside down, it is possible to replace batteries without removing it from under the hive. The batteries need changing once per year, on average. More information on battery life is available here.

Secure BEEP base to hive (optional)  

Eight metal frame brackets are provided with your BEEP base to attach the four top legs of the BEEP base to the hive (see DMS_V3_frame-bracket). You can use screws to attach them to the hive, those are not included. In case of a Segeberger hive you can use styrofoam screws, available at the hardware store. 

Secure BEEP base to subsurface (optional)  

Four metal clamps are provided with your BEEP base to attach the four bottom legs of the BEEP base to a surface.

Secure hive to BEEP base (optional)  

For security, e.g. in windy conditions, you can attach the hive to the BEEP base.

  • Screw the clamps to the surface on which the BEEP base rests (see images above)
  • Use a strap over the complete hive and secure it to the top part of the BEEP base

Securing the hive to the BEEP base does not influence the weight measurements a long as the strap is placed correctly (i.e. not fixed to the the bottom part but only to the top part of the BEEP base) as the weight sensor is placed between the four upper - and lower legs of the BEEP base.   

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