Welcome at BEEP! The BEEP app is designed for beekeepers to log their beekeeping activities online. Add your apiaries and hives to the app, design checklists, set notifications based on measurements (if you use a monitoring system like the BEEP base) and much more. This article is here to help you find your way in the app and will link to more elaborate articles on the different subjects:


Go to app.beep.nl to register as a new user. When you have filled in the information, you will receive an activation email. 


Go to app.beep.nl to login. If you have forgotten your password, this is the place to request a new one. 


The first step in the BEEP app is to add an apiary. You can add as many online apiaries as you have in real life. Find more information on how to do so here


When you have added the apiary/apiaries, you can add hives. More information on how to work with hives in the BEEP app is available here

Inspections and checklists

Time to add your first inspection. You can add the inspection per hive or per apiary. When you add your first inspection, the standard BEEP v2 checklist will show up. You can edit and save a checklists that fits your needs, click on 'edit checklist' to do so. More information on checklists and inspections is available here


When you use a measurement system like the BEEP base, you can set alerts. The BEEP base is a automatic measurement system that collects information from your hive; weight, temperature and sound. Based on parameters, you can receive an alert. Read more about alerts here


Work together with other beekeepers; share your information. Click on the + in the middle of the top bar, and click on 'New collaboration group'.

In a collaboration group, you can make others administrator (so they can add people too) and decide on which hive you would like to share, and with what rights. Are you working on the same apiary or hive with more people, editing rights are useful. Would you rather just show people what you are doing, viewing rights are enough. More information on collaboration groups is available here