When you do not see your BEEP base in the BEEP base app (the configuration/calibration app for Android or iOS), you can try the following:

  • make sure you 'wake up' your BEEP base by holding the activation magnet next to the microphone opening for 3 seconds, you will hear three ascending beeps and four level beeps when the base is turned on
  • delete your BEEP base from the Bluetooth memory in your phone/tablet and try again
  • delete the BEEP base app and reinstall it 
  • open the BEEP base app and search for devices, connect the BEEP base to your phone
  • make sure no other app is connected to the BEEP base. The BEEP base can handle only one connection at the time. 
  • turn off the nRF connect app or make sure it is not connected to the BEEP base
  • take out the batteries for five minutes and insert again, BEEP base wakes up and connects to Bluetooth.

If the BEEP base is still not visible, please let us know.

Tips for Android users

An issue that you might experience is that you cannot connect the BEEP base directly to the BEEP app. Try the following:
  1. Opening BEEP base app and starting base with magnet: nothing visible on the app
  2. Starting NRF connect
  3. Linking the BEEP base via NRF connect (searching for it, clicking on it, setting up password '123456')
  4. Closing NRF connect
  5. Opening BEEP app: now BEEP base is visible
  6. Clicking on BEEP base: error message appears "404 not found", but when clicking on "cancel" the first base screen appears
  7. Clicking on 'automatic' setting (not manual)
  8. Then the normal base screen appears and you can do weight calibrations and check other parameters