When you do not see your BEEP base in the BEEP base app (the configuration/calibration app for Android or iOS), you can try the following:

  • make sure you 'wake up' your BEEP base by holding the activation magnet next to the microphone opening for 3 seconds, you will hear three ascending beeps and four level beeps when the base is turned on
  • delete your BEEP base from the Bluetooth memory in your phone/tablet and try again
  • delete the BEEP base app and reinstall it 
  • open the BEEP base app and search for devices, connect the BEEP base to your phone
  • make sure no other app is connected to the BEEP base. The BEEP base can handle only one connection at the time. 
  • turn off the nRF connect app or make sure it is not connected to the BEEP base

If the BEEP base is still not visible, please let us know.