BEEP is a partner in the European research project B-GOOD. B-GOOD's objective is to improve the health of honeybees by supporting beekeepers in their decision making. The project partners use the BEEP app and the BEEP base to collect data. Within the project we will further develop the BEEP tools and make the improvements available to all our users.

At this moment the B-GOOD research is available in the app for the researchers. Specific checklists are linked to the research for precise data collection. The researcher can select this checklist when he or she inspect a hive. Those checklist enable the researchers to do precise data collection and organise the information for later usage. 

For B-GOOD researchers

The new item 'research' is added to the app. When you click on 'research' you can give consent to share your data. From the moment when you give consent, researchers could access your data. You can also select a date in the past to also make your historical inspections available. If you change your mind later, you can always edit your consent. The data from the period that you did consent to share will remain available.