The BEEP base is a wirelessly connected device that sends it data over a LoRa network. All devices transferring data wirelessly depend on the availability and signal strength of their network. If the network reception is bad, or out of order, less, or no data will be transferred. 

In order to complement data that has not been wirelessly transferred, the BEEP base has been equipped with an internal memory of 8MB (equal to about 4 years of 15 minute data). 

In order to make it possible to complement missing data on the server, a firmware update has been created (1.5.9) to set the correct date and time into the BEEP base’s internal memory. 

Figure 1, From left to right: icons of the BEEP app, BEEP base app and nRF Connect app (only required on Android)

In spring 2021 there will be new releases of the Apple (1.4.3) and Android (1.2.1) BEEP base apps available that enable downloading data from the BEEP base memory and uploading it to the data portal with a single click. 

Update your BEEP base to the latest firmware

Android: update firmware BEEP base

iOS: update firmware BEEP base