We migrated all registered TTN LoRa devices that were online in the BEEP app after 1st of jan 2021 from our TTN v2 to our new TTN v3 stack. Your data should be visible in the BEEP app normally with no down time.

Any LoRaWAN device that is on your own TTN v2 account should also be updated to TTN v3 (The Things Community Stack) before the end of 2021 because The Things Network v2 will close and only TTN v3 will run from 2022.

If you manually set your BEEP base LoRa credentials to your own TTN LoRa network, and you don’t want to migrate, you can simply re-configure LoRa to ‘automatic’ with the BEEP base app under ‘configure a BEEP base’ (so it will auto-connect to the BEEP TTN v3 cluster).

You can read all about the TTN migration at Migrate your Gateways and Devices.

If you have any questions, or issues please direct them to support@beep.nl