The BEEP base collects data through sensors and transmits this wirelessly to the BEEP server. With the BEEP (web)app you can access this data. The simplified data connection scheme is as follows:

BEEP base > LoRa network > LoRa gateway > Internet and BEEP API > BEEP app

To troubleshoot the issue ‘No recent BEEP base data’, check whether your BEEP base: 

  1. has a data connection
  2. is turned on
  3. is connected to LoRa
  4. has been configured again (before 15 November 2021)

Follow these steps to check where the problem is and how to solve it:

  1. Data connection 

Check when your BEEP base successfully transmitted data last. Go to the BEEP app, and click on 'Devices' in the menu. Look up the BEEP base you want to check. You will see the date and time of the last connection under ‘Connection status’. Example:

If you do not see the BEEP base under devices, double-check if you are logged in with the correct email account. To be sure there is no issue with the BEEP app, restart the app or restart your phone or computer.

  1. BEEP base is off

Activate the BEEP base by holding the yellow activation magnet (or another magnet) next to the microphone plug on the BEEP base for four seconds. The base makes a sound when it is turned on. 

If it does not respond, check the batteries or replace them. Recommended are AAA Energizer L92 lithium batteries. Open the BEEP app to see if the BEEP base is now successfully transmitting data. This may take up to 15 minutes to be visible. Refresh or restart the app.

If it does respond, go to the next step:

  1. BEEP base has no LoRa connection

To check this, open the BEEP base app for Android or iOS. Activate the base with the magnet and the base will beep four times. The Bluetooth pin code is 123456. Click on the BEEP base name twice. Then retrieve the LoRa connection status. 


‘No connection’ means the data is stored on the BEEP base but not transmitted to the BEEP server and therefore not visible in the BEEP app. Check here how you can establish LoRa connectivity. 

‘Lora connected’ means the data is successfully transmitted to the BEEP API and data should be visible in the BEEP app in your account. In this case, fill in a service request providing your account name and BEEP base identifier so we can troubleshoot on the BEEP platform.

    4. BEEP base has been configured again

When you configure your BEEP base, a new DEV EUI key is generated. Through this key, the data from the BEEP base is transferred to your account. When you configure the BEEP base again, a new DEV EUI is generated as well. Since the 15th of November 2021, the BEEP app will link the DEV EUI keys together, so that you can still see all your data. If you reconfigured your BEEP base before that, you can send us your previous DEV EUI key so we can link it manually.