‘Hive tags’ are tags with a QR code that you can attach to a hive, and for which you can set an action that will be performed as soon as you scan the hive tag. An 'action' refers to actions in the BEEP app, such as creating a new inspection for the relevant hive. Once the hive tag has been set up, you only need to scan the QR code with your smartphone, and a new inspection will be automatically created. 

Hive tags including 20 QR stickers are available in the BEEP webshop

You can also print the hive tags yourself, by downloading the pdf in the attachment. Just scan a hive tag to get started, you will be taken to the setup page automatically if no action has been set yet.

Add a hive tag 

Go to the BEEP app and click on the menu. Click on 'Hive tags'. Or take a picture of the QR code of the tag you want to add ( and go directly to step 3).

Click on 'Add hive tag' in the top right corner.

Select the hive tag you want to configure, the action and the hive and click on 'save'. 

Edit or delete a saved hive tag

If you want to edit or delete a hive tag, you go back to the overview of the hive tags via the menu. Click on the pencil to go back to the 'Edit hive tag X' page. If you want to delete the hive tag, click on the red icon of the bin.

On this page you can edit the hive tag number, the action or the hive and click on 'save'.

Make more QR codes

We have only stickers with code 1 till 40, but you can generate your own QR codes here. You have to link the codes to the BEEP API where you can fill in 'i', e.g. https://app.beep.nl/?hive_index=41 for QR code 41.