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Battery/power voltage for BeeBase

I have recently got the Beebase and Beebase PCB I try my PCB with AAA battery comes with shipment. But it does not seem to last long enough, I only do a few things, the battery seems dead. I would Like to connect the battery bracket with external battery case, I wondering how can I do that? is it 1.5V or 3V total? and where should I connect to from bracket contacts? Simon


My misunderstanding the statement, it is actually 3V. please ignore the ticket

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Is it possible to power the PCB with 3.7 VDC?

Yes, but running from a power supply which is constantly at 3.7V, such as a LiPo battery that is being kept topped-up by a solar panel, may shorten the lifespan of the system. The recommendation is to keep the voltage under 3.6V with a LDO power regulator such as a TPS71533.

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