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Installing Dragino DLOS8 LoRaWAN Gateway

I watchers YouTube “Dragino LoRaWAN configuration with the things network” I Made it as far as connecting to the internet, lora is green aswell bit LoRaWAN hot a red cross on the home botton of the Dragino web page. On the things network homepage, the gateway shows disconnected, the red light continuesly burns on the gateway. Obviously i dont have the settings wright. Can someone help?

 Peter, I also had problems to start the gateway. Which setting is wrong is hard to see. I got a tip from the Dragino help desk to reset the gateway. Then you have the possibility to start from scratch.

The reset button i located at the under side of the gateway. You have to take away the lock. See the attached picture.

Press the button for 30 seconds to reset the gateway.

Good luck,


Hello Olaf, once you have a wrong setting it ‘s hard to find it. It took me Some time but finally i succeeded

There is a step-by-step installation guide for the Dragino DLOS8 gateway on our site as well, for future reference :-)

Dragino DLOS8 Installation Guide

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