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Using Beep In Canada

Want to start using the beep scale on my hives,

Phase 1. Purchase 1 scale. Resolve two issues: (1) wires into poly beebox hives. Will use jacks in hive lid and base. (2) LoRa is not available what modifications are necessary for cell service.

Phase 2 sentinel hive in each apiary, 5 hives

Phase 3? Operate 40 hives and 20 NUCs   Paradise Beebox hives

At this point any help on  LoRa is not available modifications necessary for cell service would be appreciated 

Thanks Gary

Hi Gary,

For now, the BEEP bases only transfer data over the LoRa network. You can either install your own gateway or contact a commercial provider with a LoRa plan.

Kind regards,

April van Delden


I am in England. How does it all work, please? Once installed, is there a monthly fee for monitoring the device?

 thanks Steve 

Hi Steve,

There are not monthly fees for using the device. Once you buy it, it is yours. This video explains what the BEEP base is, and how it works. 

You do need LoRa coverage to send the data to your BEEP app. You can check if you have LoRa at your apiary on For more information on LoRa and how to get it, check out our helpdesk article.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,
April van Delden


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