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How to embedd Beep-base data from app in Facebook and Website

Do anybody know how to embedd the stream of data of the Beep-base app into a Facebook page and/or a Webstite page?

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Haven't realized anything yet?

I would like to generate a web page with Beep data. The beehive with the BEEP base is located at a company (in the context of corporate social responsibility) and the data from the hive must be visualized on a web page of the company's intranet. Visualize only the latest data in a beautiful dashboard without control for the visitors of this intranet page.

One of the employees acts as a beekeeper and should be able to change the visualization on the dashboard and add his comments as a blog.

It should be easy to implement this feature in the intranet of other companies that use their own hive with BEEP base. More or less with an installation script.

I look forward to finding a solution for this.

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