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Swarm control

My hives are beebox from Prsadise honey that has a option to help control swarms. It does not stop them, just prevents queen from joining the swarm.  

Closing bottom entrance and opening top entrance above queen excluder. (Image 1)

After they attempt to swarm and queen does not leave the hive they return. (Image 2)

Challenge then is timing, bottom has to be reopened 2 - 3 days after so the new queen can mate.

Currently struggling with calibration of hive weigh. 

Goal is to get a text message; they attempted to swarm open bottom entrance in 2 days.

Believe this could be a practical solution to help with swarms 

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Did you manage with the calibration? If not, please check https://beepsupport.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/folders/60000260482

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