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Improving the beep base antenna?

 The beep base has a compact antenna for transmitting to a lorawan gateway, but the signal from this ceramic patch antenna (mounted on the inside of the PCB enclosure) sometimes just isn't powerful enough to reach the gateway.

Especially when the beep base is placed at a distant hive. Or when the signal path is blocked by trees, walls, or by other hives.

But this built-in antenna can be replaced to improve signal reception: who has done so?

I connected an "Aurel GP 868 Ground Plane antenna" to my BEEPbase as it would not connect to the LORA network gateway with the internal antenna, due to a large stone wall in the way.  I used a ".96 inch / 5CM U.FL IPX IPEX to SMA Female Bulkhead Mini PCI Pigtail Antenna Cable IPEX Aerial Extension 1.13mm Cable" to connect to the PCB board aerial connection and the other end to a small hole I drilled in the side of the case.  This adaptation worked well and the BEEPbase data now makes it to the LORA gateway.

Glad to hear that the ground plane antenna does the trick. Did you have any issues with rainwater entering the hole that you drilled in the side of the PCB-enclosure?

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