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Using your PCB with cheap load cells.


First of all I want to say thank you for this great project!!! 

I am using a raspberry pi and a hx711 sensor for the load cell to measure the weight. The software ist honey with has a build in temperature compensation algorithm for the shifting of the load cell. That works really great.

For the future I would like to change to your hardware and since I have already all the sensors I would need only the pub. 

Is there also there also the possibility to account for temperature shifts in your software/firmware?

Around when can I expect a new possibility to order these pcbs?

And will there ever be an option to upload old data (from e.g. a cdv file) in to the beep app?

Thanks in advance!


Ingmar Meinhold

I should note, that i have mounted a ds18b20 directly to the load cell. the cell has enough mass to be thermally inert so the corrected results are much more precise with this method .

and in my last question i meant a csv file of course.

Via you'll very shortly be able to order the PCB indeed. And regarding the  data in the flash memory. We're working on a new feature to allow transfer of sensor data from the memory via Bluetooth connection between the base and the BEEP base app to add any missing data record in the database. 

Thank you for your answer!

But most important for me is my initial question about a temperature compensation.

Is it possible to account for weight shifts due to temperature change of the load cell in software when a temp-sensor is directly attached to the load cell?

hi Ingmar,

We've found that temperature correction is not needed. Did you find that it is?

It is not corrected for currently.

But yes, it can be done by:

- adding a temp. sensor on/close to the loadcell (multiple can be connected to the PCB)

- use the API to GET sensor data from the BEEP database

- write code to correct for temperature influence on your platform

Code can of course also be added on the BEEP platform 

Does this answer your question?



i could of course buy your scales. but since i already own two scales i would like to continue to use them.

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