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BEEP App on Anrdoid 1.2.5

Hi Anyone using new app 1.2.5?

I try to download data, new function, it seems the BEEP app is download data from PCB sensor, and upload to BEEP app(chrome or Beep server), but I do not see any data in Beep App through Chrome.

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Hi April

Would your team plan to add Bee counter in to system?


Hi April, I have sussfully add BBEPbase PCB to and update data every minite for a week now, with solar battery. Look forward to see beep app to work. thanks

Hi Simon, 

That is correct. We can now store the data in the BEEP app server. However, in order to not overwrite data when uploading it, we are still working on the algorithm to do so. As soon as we have that available, we will let you know!

Kind regards,


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