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Legs BEEP base touch

The legs on my BEEP bases are almost touching, one with a 64kg hive on has about 1mm clearance left between one pair of legs.  

I've moved the legs around and tightened the wing nuts with pliers.  I also tried moving the hive slightly over to one side, but there is not a lot of leg protruding from either side of the hive to do this (I'm using the BS National hive type).

My plan, the next time I can remove the hive from the BEEP base, is to try and put metal shims in the metal tube that the legs slide into to stop the slight twisting that occurs.  I'll update if it helps.

Has anyone else had this issue and sorted it?

Cheers, Anthony 

Hi Anthony,

Just now I saw your post. We have an article in our helpdesk about this issue. 

If you found another solution, we are happy to hear about it and share it with the other users.

Kind regards,
April van Delden


Hi April,

Thanks, yes I had seen the article.  The legs still almost touch when there are 4 supers on the hive.  

I've finally gotten around to removing the BEEP base and fitting metal shims to take up the free space between the legs and the yellow body they slide into.  This has sorted the problem.

The metal shims I made out of a hive runner - using tin snips I cut off the curved edge leaving a long flat metal strip which I then cut into lengths approx. the same length as the leg part that fits into the BEEP base body.

I was also able to hammer the curved strip flat and use that for shims too (so no wastage).

Kind regards, 


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